Beer and Loafing in Zooropa

Les novel nouvelle du Mattphisto
This one's for Hunter S. Thompson and Spalding Gray

Summary from the inside jacket cover:
"Beer and Loafing in Zooropa tells the heartwarming tale
of a Mattopian and four Irish rockers,
armed with three chords and the truth,
as they save the planet one pint of Guinness at a time."

- Table of Contents -

Deep Background: An Introduction

Got Tix? (Or, Why TicketBastard Reeeeaaally Sucks A$$)

U Call Yerself a Fan?

The Mattomic Bomb Leg of the Vertigo Tour 2005:
A Media Circus

New York, New York

My Day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies
14-15 March 2005

Photos from the Rock Hall Ceremonies

Special Appearance #2: U2's Induction: The Article

Unos: Denver, 20 April 2005
Set List
Review for Interference

Dos: Denver, 21 April 2005
Set List

It's Not Easy Being a Bonoholic

Uncertainty Can Be a Guiding Light

All Because of U2: Map of Central Zooropa

Tres: Nice, 5 August 2005
Set List

Cuatro: San Sebastian, 9 August 2005
Set List

Save CBGB! This ain't no disco!

Paul McCartney
Wings Over Mattopia: Macca Comes To Town

Cinco: Charlotte, 12 December 2005
Set List

Seis: Portland, 19 December 2005
The Review for Interference
Set List

Days of Wine and Ramen
Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own:
From Bono's Father to Mine

Hello, Hello Tokyo?

Wim Wenders, 16 March 2006
When Bono Comes Knocking

The Hype
At the Apollo, 4 April 2006: The Review

Welcome to DELL HELL

New Frontiers

Mattopian Office of Better Business:
MOBB-Approved Establishments

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