U2: 360

U2 360: The Mattnificent Tour, U2009-U2011

Bono and Edge in Zagreb
Bono and Edge in Zagreb, Croatia

The Itinerary


  1. 31 July   Gothenburg, Sweden
  2. 1 Aug.   Gothenburg, Sweden
  3. 3 Aug.   Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  4. 6 Aug.   Chorzow, Poland
  5. 9 Aug.   Zagreb, Croatia
  6. 10 Aug.   Zagreb, Croatia
  7. 29 Sept.  Landover, Maryland, USA


  1. 3 Sept.  Athens, Greece
  2. 6 Sept.  Istanbul, Turkey


  1. 21 May    Denver, Colorado, USA
  2. 29 May    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  3. 26 July   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  4. 30 July   Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Special Appearance #3: 8 Sept.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Bono & Edge at TIFF)

Radio Free Mattopia

The Mattnificent U2 360° Tour
24 July - 16 August U2009

The stats:
2 taxis
4 boats
5 trams
6 concerts
6 currencies
6 phrase books
7 airplanes
8 countries
9 buses
11 hotels
13 trains
48 dictation files
161 tweets
213 video clips
3,525 photos

It was a vacation so massive,
the Mattsonian had to add a whole new hard drive.

Table of Contents

A 360° Photo Tease
Zooropean March Madness
You CANNOT Be Serious!
Mein Gott!
• The Challenges of U2010: Athens
• The Challenges of U2010: Istanbul
U2 in Athens: Photos and Video
Snow Patrol in Istanbul: Photos and Video
U2 in Istanbul: Photos and Video
Billboard: U2's 360° Tour Is History in the Making
U2 in Denver: Photos and Video
U2 in Winnipeg: Photos and Video
U2, Carney, & Arcade Fire in Moncton: Photos and Video

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Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Blue Mosque, Istanbul

"Sing for your sanity."
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Chorzow, Poland, 6 August U2009

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