Beer and Loafing in Zooropa

New York, New York

"It's all happening."
- Stillwater's Band Aids,
Almost Famous

Letter in Village Voice, March 9-15, 2005:
"Going, goooo-ing, _______, you fill in the rest. I'm referring to Douglas Wolk's article 'Priced Out' (, February 11). New York is a city in crisis, under siege by developers, the modern-day satans. Bloomberg and Giuliani would argue the city is better, but for many of us, New York has been overrun by shortsighted politicians and developers who think only in dollar signs. The once unique place that I've called home since the 1980s looks and feels more and more like just about any place in the U.S. As clubs that are the fabric and character of New York face closures due to astronomical rent increases and developers who want only to tear everything down, we as residents watch an important part of New York die a slow, painful death. But with the ring of the cash register, who out there besides me seems to care?

David Diaz
Hell's Kitchen"

I'll chime in with my two cents shortly. By the way, Hell's Kitchen was renamed in the 1950s to the kindler, gentler moniker of Clinton, after former mayor and governor DeWitt Clinton. Thankfully, the old name is one stubborn piece of history that has refused to be swept away in the city's gentrification.

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