The Joshua Tree U2017 Tour

Songs of Quintessence

It was a bit of a surprise when, during the Christmas holidays of U2016, the band released a video greeting to fans letting us know Songs of Experience was on its way and there'd be a tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree. Back in September U2015, when I was attending shows in Stockholm during the exquisite iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour, it was a virtual lock — so the stage hands and others said — that the band would continue i+e in U2016, returning to North America and Europe, then follow that up with a stadium tour of Latin America in U2017.

Well, there was no tour last year and this year, yes, there are stadium shows, but they're in North America and Europe — during a relatively short summer tour. And they revolve around The Joshua Tree.

The band's tinkering with Songs of Experience, possibly making some changes in response to Donald Trump's presidential election and Brexit, among other events that rocked the latter half of 2016.

I'm looking forward to Songs of Experience and its continued delay is disappointing. After all, Bono alluded to its imminent release during an i+e show in Amsterdam back in September U2015, including mention of Anton Corbijn having taken photos of the band in the Netherlands for the album cover and liner notes.

Oh well. I'm in no position to complain. The important thing is the band will be back on the road this year.

And I will follow.

The “In Matt's Country” Leg

TicketMaster was quite a nightmare — even during the fan club presale — but after innumerable CAPTCHAs, switching browsers, ditching apps and bouncing between Miami and Tampa ticket pages (why exactly would one stadium not have the same ticketing options as the other, anyway?), I managed to get the GA tickets I was hoping for. I thought it would only take a couple minutes. Instead, it took 50. But the important thing is I'm going to see my band again. On the field.

  • Miami, Florida, USA, 11 June U2017 — General Admission
  • Tampa, Florida, USA, 14 June U2017 — General Admission