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"Uncertainty can be a guiding light."
- Bono

Mattopia Jones
Mattopia Jones, Your Tour Guide
Zoo Station: San Sebastian, Spain

All Because of U2

Map of Itinerary:
29 July - 16 August 2005
Map courtesy of the CIA.


  • Pints of Guinness Consumed: 19.5* (the sole half pint was in Hendaye, France)
  • Pints of Heineken Consumed: 23.08* (converted from centiliters)
  • Biggest Surprise: The size of Bordeaux (it's tres, tres big)
  • Second Biggest Surprise: The Zutons
  • Sexiest Moment: Booking a train reservation in Bordeaux (yeah, baby, it was sexy)
  • Best Wienerschnitzel: Stoop & Stoop, Amsterdam
  • Best Steak: Cafe des 2 Moulins, Paris
  • Worst Meal: Steak Tartare, Monte Carlo (restaurant name withheld); the skin still curdles at the very thought of it, but I ate the whole thing nonetheless
  • Best U2 Crowd: Estadio Anoeta, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Number of Night Trains Taken: 2
  • Number of Train Reservations Unused Because of Last-Mattopian-Minute Changes in Plans: 4
  • Most Scenic Train Ride: Traveling between Nice and Monte Carlo; simply awesome
  • Among the Treasures Brought Home: Two half bottles of Bordeaux wine, three bottles of Absinthe, a 25 cl Heineken glass, a hardcover book on the history of Heineken, and the obligatory soaps and shampoos from all those hotels (merci beaucoup)
  • Number of Photos & Video Clips Taken: A record-breaking 1,114 - that doesn't include many redundant and botched shots deleted along the way

*Note: The unscientific nature of these numbers cannot be stressed enough.

Photo Galleries

Mattopian Videovision

Mattopian Videovision (Mvv)

Paris: La Vie en Rose (Violin Solo)

Nice: The Way We Were (Accordion Solo)

The Train from Nice to Monte Carlo - Part I

The Train from Nice to Monte Carlo - Part II

The Train from Monte Carlo to Nice

Beach Therapy in Nice

Departing Amsterdam



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