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"When you cease to dream, you cease to live."
- Malcolm S. Forbes

Skip and Their rates and service charges oftentimes suck.

When traveling to The Netherlands, try

And for New York City, use

For a wide-ranging search for Wi-Fi HotSpots, check here. A more specific search of Starbucks locations is also helpful (and they usually provide good atmosphere, much better than hanging out a Kinko's!).

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Split Rock Bar and Grill - Security Checkpoint 3, Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport - One of the finer airport hang-outs I've found. Good food and beverages at reasonable prices.

Sally's Saloon and Eatery - 712 Washington Avenue SE - Phone: 612-331-3231 - Great location, surrounded by the University of Minnesota campus. Ask for Elizabeth to be your waitress, and look out for David and Nicola.

New York, New York
Bombay Masala - 148 W. 49th Street - Phone: 212-302-8150 - The oldest Indian restaurant in the United States. According to the very friendly staff, 80% of the meals ordered are chicken tikka masala (they told me that after I placed my order for it).

Channel 4 Irish Pub & Restaurant - 58 W. 48th Street - Phone: 212-819-0095 - Cute bartender chick. This is the one with the painting of Bono on one of those late night shows (if it's not Letterman, it doesn't matter which one).

Kevin St. James - 741 8th Avenue - In the heart of Hell's Kitchen is one of the cutest Irish blonde waitresses in all of Matthattan. A long-time Mattopian hangout.

McAnn's Bar & Restaurant - 3 W. 46th Street - Excellent food, phenomenal portions, and shockingly low prices. Friendly local patrons ready to talk baseball and a very funny bartender.

P.D. O'Hurley's - 174 W. 72nd Street - Phone: 212-873-1900 - Great food and craic.

Saks Fifth Avenue - 611 Fifth Avenue - Phone: 212-940-2143 - They can hook you up with some great threads for those red carpet engagements, including Ali Hewson's Edun line. Ask for Robert Hicks to help you out.

teany cafe - 90 Rivington Street - Phone: 212-475-9190 - Moby's tea shop, featuring an enormous selection of teas and some yummy snacks. As the name implies, the place is tiny.

Westway Diner - 614 9th Avenue - This one dates back to the days of The Young Mattopia Jones Chronicles and is worth another mention. Try #12 for breakfast.

Norwalk, Connecticut
Jani - 650 Main Avenue - Phone: 203-849-1122 - Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Check out the hibachi; good portions and good value.

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