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New Frontiers
18 January 2007

Here's a nice little story that's too good to pass up, particularly after the past week's nightmare dealing with Dell.

Frontier Airlines offers a frequent flyer program, EarlyReturns (yeah, one word), in which travelers earn a free domestic round trip after collecting 15,000 miles.

Having flown Frontier five times to Atlanta, I was well on my way and in the process of scheduling a sixth trip.

But here's the math:
One Way to Atlanta: 1,208 miles
Six Round Trips to Atlanta: 14,496
Bonus Miles for Joining Early Returns: 500
Grand Total: 14,996

Yeah. FOUR MILES shy of a free trip!

Sure, I could spend a couple bucks and buy 1,000 miles to reach the goal. But that's not much fun.

But, while searching around the Frontier site I stumbled on It's a Web site for swapping points between participating programs and Frontier is one of them.

By signing up with, I was eligible for a "bonus" offer. In the case of Frontier, they were offering 15 free miles.

Under any other circumstances, I'd consider doing anything for 15 measly miles to be a waste of time. But what I difference those 15 miles make this time!

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