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Got Tix? (Or, Why TicketBastard Reeeeaaally Sucks A$$)
5 February 2005

The ticket stress is back and more pronounced than ever. Sell outs for U2's Vertigo tour have been nearly instantaneous just about everywhere, including both Denver shows.

I'll steer clear of all the ticket distribution controversies surrounding the disproportionate number of tickets already for sale on eBay before the official pre-sale and general public sales.

But I will say this...

I, for one, have been a long-time Propaganda member and it was always a thrill to get the latest Prop magazine, no matter how sporadic the publication schedule may have been. It sounds like I've been quite lucky compared to other members, old or new, when it comes to this tour's tickets. As a carryover member to, I made the single-most flawless purchase of my life with two GA tix to Denver 1 during the Vertigo presale. It took only one click of the browser.

Those who joined only for their interpreted "guarantee" of prime seats are fans of convenience, in my opinion. What about between the tours? If you just joined now, you don't care about the inbetween stuff, what happens between the albums and the tours; you're probably more interested in getting prime seats (or GAs) just to impress your date. You're also the type who obviously doesn't bother to read the liner notes, which, in U2's case, consistently included a plug for Propaganda. Simply put, you're not the kind of passionate fan that deserves a shot at a presale and I appreciate Larry Mullen, Jr.'s, comments from earlier this week regarding the ticket situation.

Sad thing is, those same fans of convenience will be the ones who think they also have an entitlement to the front of the line, even if they arrive right when the doors open.

Regardless of all that, you might as well enjoy the ride and the efforts required to get tickets; the shows will be more than worth the effort.

With that in mind, during my pursuit of tickets via Ticketmaster, the funniest "security word" encountered so far has been "FUTTOCK." My immediate thought was that it was a combination of "BUTTOCK" and "F*&$" but after a little checking, I found out it's a real word. The defition from "One of the curved timbers that forms a rib in the frame of a ship."

I prefer my proposed definition.

Another good one was "BUMBAST." That one is apparently not a real word, but I can put it to use.

More inflammatory text as to why TicketBastard sucks is forthcoming...

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