Beer and Loafing in Zooropa

Hello, Hello... Tokyo?

It's been quite a stressful couple months, obviously.  Adding to my stress was my own persistence in trying to make the U2 Tokyo show fit into my schedule.

This morning I finally started making arrangements to go to Japan.  I put a 24-hour hold on fairly decent airfare ($150 less than yesterday!) and was looking into hotel arrangements...  I could get a U2 ticket through their official tour group...  Things were starting to fall into place.  I was particularly happy to use the ol' 24-hour hold trick on the airfare.

It was pretty overwhelming getting it all pieced together under the stress of the job hunt, potential temporary contracts, issues with cell phone compatibility in Japan (why is it they're on CDMA when almost the entire rest of the world is GSM?!)...

Then, just moments ago, e-mails started coming in that the final 10 shows on the tour have been postponed due to an illness in the immediate family of one of the bandmembers. That includes the Tokyo show!


I guess the heat is off for now. It would've been a nice, symbolic trip. I'll have to come up with something else, something less expensive, less intrusive.

Sweeney Todd April 1 / Charlotte Martin April 2 / Mets April 3 / Gorillaz April 4

Hotel rates have gone through the roof in NYC! The cheapest I found while surfing the 'net was $46/night - for a bed in a dorm room with 10 beds in the room!

Even the ol' reliables like Pickwick Arms and Americana Inn have ridiculously jacked up rates compared to what I recall paying during the course of the past 4 years on NYC travels.

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