Mattopia Jones and the Pandemic Thaiphoon
Photo taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Koh Samui, Thailand
1 January 2022

The Vomitorious Speedboat Adventure

“I keep telling people to trust me. On this trip, I learned I needed to do that more myself."
Mattopia Jones

The speedboat trip in Phuket was phenomenal. Matty never felt more alive than while snorkeling and it was an all-around wonderful (and beautiful) day.

The speedboat trip from Samui to Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park was a totally different matter.

It felt like an accident waiting to happen as 64 passengers — covering a broad range on the age spectrum — were shuttled from one activity to the next. Floating piers. Steep hikes. Rough seas. Cramped quarters. Cranky children. Crankier adults.

From launch, it was a rough go and it wasn't long before the barf bags started popping out.

Consider this. As previously noted in this journal, Matty had a wee bit more booze than usual the night before. It was, after all, New Year’s Eve.

As a recap, here’s what he consumed:
Stacked Burger: 2 pints of Singha (draught)
Duke Pub: 2 pints of Singha (draught)
Lipsmackers Restaurant and Bar:
1 Thai Mojito (Whisky)
1 Mai Thai
2 Margaritas

So, it was a challenge to keep it together while people all around him puked as the speedboat barrelled through choppy waters.

But, have faith, True Believers.

The good Dr. Jones did in fact keep it together. He did not join the puking masses.

Stay tuned. There’s much more to be said and shown.

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