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The Mattopia Times: The Only Times That Matters

The Platinum Anniversary: 2000-2020

Celebrate the first 20 years of The Mattopia Times with two special retrospectives.

ONE: It all started with one page. Now the site features more than 1.5 million words and 1,700 pages of content only a powerhouse publishing organization like the Times can provide.

MATTISON AVENUE: A virtual gallery walking through some of the early efforts in Flash animation and other groundbreaking publicity initiatives.


As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of The Mattopia Times, the wizards from some of the most powerful agencies on Mattison Avenue have pulled together a collection of 20 of their favorite advertisements and other propaganda. With Flash (those good ol' ShockWaveFlash .swf files) sunsetting at the end of 2020, it's also a great time to revisit some classic animated efforts, meticulously restored and upgraded from old ActionScript 1 and 2 .fla files to modern Canvas Javascript animation — for the enjoyment of all.

It all started so humbly back in July 2000. All those slogans, launched back in the early days of the original WWW, the Wild Wild Web, the precursor to what is now the World Wide Web.

  • Changing the world one word at a time.1
  • The Website with a Mattitude2
  • All the world that's fit to 'Net'3

Enjoy this early piece of animation from Flash 5. It's so quaint now.

Gotta love the brick treatment in the very first Mattimus logo, thanks to the magic of Macromedia's Fireworks. Those bricks launched the site, which started out at

Mattimus brick text logo

Back then, was in the hands of the Matthew Goode Band. Yes, it's amazing to think somebody had taken the domain. But, thankfully, it went on the market in 2002 and its acquisition became an international affair: the purchase request commenced in The Hague, was taken to the next step in the business center of what was at the time called Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. Then the purchase was completed in a quiet, dark conference room in a compound in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Phew.

What's up with the name "Mattimus," anyway? Well, distraught by the unavailability of, the relentless creative genius that is Matthew Anderson came up with a different name, in honor of the legendary Maximus Decimus Meridius, whose tale was documented in the Ridley Scott motion picture Gladiator. Back then, a quote from Maximus also adorned the home page: "What we do in life echoes in eternity."

Oooh. Those words still generate goose bumps. Pure, raw, unfiltered drive and ambition launched this site and we're all looking forward to the next 20 years. Things are just gettin' started.

Turbulent Times: The Aughts

Uncle Matt wants YOU for Soulvation Army

Uncle Matt wants YOU for Soulvation Army; Nearest recruiting station
Ubiquitous rally poster credited with turning the tide5

Million Matt March
Check out this award-winning ad, part of a far-reaching, multi-platform campaign for the historic first march.6

Mattopia Goes to the Movies

Wow! Box office records crumbled left and right as Mattywood churned out one groundbreaking blockbuster after another. The question isn't "Did you see these?" The question is "How many times did you see these?"

Mattman: Bring on the Knight7


High Society

Note the rare on-camera cameo by Mattopia Jones himself, with Broadway star Stephanie Block (The Pirate Queen), in this edition of On the Scene, below left. Of course, in those early days, text in graphic files was the norm. Accessibility wasn't a concern, as exhibited in the classic MMUTHA advertisement, below right.

On the Scene: a Times home page staple in the early days.9


Stay tuned for the next auction of incredibly valuable items from the Mattropolitan Museum of Unearthed Treasures, Heirlooms, and Antiquities (MMUTHA)!

Remember: Tuesday nights are "Meet me at the Matt" nights 'til 10 p.m.

Commerce & Travel

Mattopian Express sponsorship11

Part of the Mattopian Travel Agency's long-running Zooropean promotional campaign12

Elsewhere in the PRM

Mattopian Idol auditions promotion13

Rock the Vote campaign14

This one was for my parents, who now know my whereabouts even better than I do.15

The Mattopia Flag

The Mattopia Flag
The grandeur of the PRM's flag, so replete with symbolism, brings a tear to the eyes of every Mattopian patriot.16

MAD Hoody
A 2003 fundraiser for MATTAID, this was an uber-popular hoody from the Mattopia Athletic Dept. Worn by athletes and mathletes alike, it was made with the highest quality standards by the Irish-Dutch East Mattopia Compagnie.17

News headlines

News headlines from the front page, c. November 2001.18

Passport Control
This one has not aged well. Sorely in need of a system upgrade, PRM Immigration Department is feverishly at work overhauling this indoctrination presentation for modern times.19

The first new animated effort in four years, it's only fitting U2 inspired the first creation built exclusively in Adobe Animate.20

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