On the Road

On the Road: 2002

My Calling
7 November 2002

Sonic sex: face of "pure pleasure" as I listen to U2's new best of; Lee blushes when she makes the comment

Pretzel sticks; smokin' dweebies, pressing fingers to my lips (international sign language for "I need another drag, Man") and callin out to Lina for more, and conducting a power conference call between Miami, Denver, Atyrau, and The Hague. "Carmen, get me Bono and Spielberg on the phone right now!" Feet propped up on the window sill, looking out the office windows from the corner desk.

I'm retarded in setting it up; Lina helps out.

Feeling of power smokin' those pretzel sticks. Sure, some people saw this and thought I was a freak. Oh well.

Most surprising was how much I enjoyed it. I've missed my calling... the need for power and wielding it in grandiose fashion.

"You're great, Matt."
"I know I am," only reasonable response when you're on a conference call with an ego-driven monster.
Eloquence: Once, a fluke; twice, lucky; three times, a trend.

ABB - downfall of the mighty global enterprise so highly revered and often studied during grad school. So fitting. How many textbooks will have to be revised and Harvard Business School case studies relegated to "out of print" status?

Also got Christina Aguilera's Stripped, but it's still under wraps. Too enraptured by U2's best of.

Employees want to be unleashed and inspired, not managed and lead. You hear it all the time: 'Our employees are our most valuable assets.' Yet they're the first things to go on the chopping block when times are tough. - Head of Saatchi & Saatchi on CNN (or BBC - one of the two)

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