On the Road

On the Road: 2002

The Moulin Rouge
5 August 2002

Dear Sir,
Further to your email, we are pleased to confirm your reservation as follows:
Monday, August 5th 2002
Reservation no 161
Show at 9 p.m.
1/2 bottle of champange per person

Public Rate: 89 Euros per person

The payment will be payable on the spot.
We assure you of our best attention.

With thanks and regards,

Sincerely yours,

Spot down in front!
Opener: Cheesy cover band performing, including a cancan; people who were at the dinner (OK food, apparently, not great) informed me the woman at first came on in an outfit that almost seemed painted on and left nothing to the imagination; she did a couple outfit changes over the course of the evening, becoming more and more conservative; she was wearing a very flimsy black dress when I arrived.

On way out, woman softly says, "Thank you" - as if I worked there! Talk about blending in.

Moulin Rouge

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