On the Road

On the Road: 2002

Paris et Moi
5 August 2002

"Yes, I do. It's Matt."
- My welcome to the Hotel Excelsior, Paris, France
(I paid the price for not speaking French right away.
Things got much, much better after that.)

Day One: Dogs and Cats sleeping together; cheesy display of sidewalk entertainment
Huge walk; Sacre Cour serves as marker and landmark
Diana site: Hotel de Ville?
Hotel Excelsior clerk: Like Alan Arkin, sort of: "Do you happen to have a name by any chance?"
Map; warning about pickpockets: They're very good here.
Bastard's lived in NY!
Recommended three little known museums: Monet, Jungg..., and...
Visit Jim Morrison at the xxx Cemetery, "He's waiting for your visit."

Hard Rock: Multi-platinum Achtung Baby, Edge's boots, Unforgettable Fire flag, Elevation Tour pix of Bono, French War tour poster (at Theatre LaPalace?), April 2 PopMart poster "All New" or "New and Improved"

Champs Elysees, view from top of Arch de Triomph
Couple American architects nustle their faces up against the Arch and confirm: It is as straight as can be! Uhh... Thanks, guys.

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