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The Art of Illusion
Disneyland and Walt Disney World

“There are blissful times when the immersive experience is mighty close to all-ecompassing, such as at Oga’s Cantina. Walking the dusty streets and seeing Rey or Chewbacca is great. And then a baby stroller shatters the illusion.”
Mattopia Jones

So Close and Yet So Far, Far Away

Think back to 67 years ago and the opening of Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. In 1955, the whole idea of an “amusement park” was a new thing.

Walt Disney had a fantastic vision that too easily gets lost in the commercialism of the empire he created. Back then, it was all about creating the happiest place on Earth and bringing beloved characters like Mickey Mouse to life to the thrill of every child who entered the park’s gates.

And then there were the animatronics, bringing history — and Abraham Lincoln — to life. Take a trip back in time within the friendly confines of the park while onboard the Columbia. Of course, there’s also the Jungle Cruise and Tom Sawyer Island (which now includes some slick references to Jack Sparrow).

On the whimsical side, in California Adventure Park there’s a nifty street full of shops and activities that seems to stretch out for miles. But, surely in a bid to avoid lawsuits, the street is roped off at the point where it turns into nothing more than a wall mural. It is, nonetheless, a great visual trick.

In many ways, it was world building in its most innocent form. And it was always intended to constantly evolve so that when people came back, there’d be something new to experience.

All those decades later and the pace has been put into hyperdrive.

Out in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora opened in an effort to recreate the world, experiences and creatures in Avatar. Quickly thereafter, expectations were being set for Star Wars to get similar treatment.

For the most part, it’s a phenomenal experience. The Rise of the Resistance is truly next-level immersion in an epic ride that takes guests through multiple environments — including multiple vehicles and a walk through the halls of a First Order Star Destroyer.


But, alas, there’s the inescapable specter of reality around nearly every corner. Those baby strollers. And screaming children.

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