On the Road

On the Road: 2002

The List of EVIL:
Extremely Vile, Incredibly Lousy Establishments
The places that make Matt angry.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
Delta Hotel - Supposedly a three-star hotel. My fat ass! I've spent nights in hostels that were more accommodating, had working light fixtures, and doors that could be unlocked. This place is a sty. Satan's toilet.

Paris, France:

Olympie - Rue Xavier Privas - A Greek restaurant that pulled a fast one: Instead of getting the 10 euro gyros menu, they bait-and-switched me to the 10 euro gyro platter, which did not include a salad. Instead they charged me for an outrageously overpriced salad. Shady bastards. Be wary of where they point to on the menu. Or, better yet, just go to Le Gyros down the block.

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