On the Road

On the Road: 2002

The Beach of Scheveningen / Leiden
17-18 August 2002

Beach: Tanned leather, There's Something About Mary
All Nude beach: Mostly older and fatter
Topless beach: Under 5 and over 50, although there were pockets of very nice scenery

Big splotch of red on the right side of my back made it clear where I missed the suntan lotion

Leiden: Molen Museum de Valk - current building dates back to 1743; 6 or 7 flights of stairs, which were more like ladders; Rembrandt's family co-owned it?
Windmills: Symbol of Holland because they don't have flowing rapids, rivers to generate power, need to channel wind power. 100 years ago there were 10,000 windmills in Holland; now there are only 950. Technology has made them obsolete, but still an important part of their history

First windmills were build in the Middle East around 750 A.D.

Leiden U; Rembrandt's hometown; a mere 20 minutes from Den Haag; half-hour from Amsterdam. Rembrandt lived primarily in Leiden and Amsterdam, so he didn't get around too much!

Good vibes around the spot he was born; the Latin school he attended (could imagine him pushing through the door, grimacing as he dreaded the thought of going to school). Don't know; maybe he liked it, maybe I'm just imposing my attitude on the Master. Little remains preserved from his day.

Rembrandt, da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Liberty Leading the People guy: Faves of earlier history, with Dali a recent fave

Woke up only person on train in Den Haag Centraal; couldn't have been parked for too long, though!

Delft: Short shrift; a windmill, a church, and canals; William of Orange assassinated, bullet holes

20 August - massive rain downpour; drenched on way to work; Carmen brings in my pants and wears them, many jokes about a girl getting into my pants; also brought Guinness T-shirt, which I wore quite comfortably all day

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