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Hop on the bus John Lennon's childhood home Forever The Philharmonic: John's favorite pub.<br>The inside is an equally stunning piece of work. The Empire Theatre Naturally, Mathew had something to do with it. On Mathew Street Just another brick in the wall.<br>Oops...  Wrong band. The Cavern Club on Mathew Street Imagine... ... The Beatles... ... live at The Cavern Club. As I recall, this Liverpudlian's actually from Argentina. Grounded: A yellow submarine landlocked in Liverpool Mattimus crosses Abbey Road...<br>Photo by some chick on the tour ... to get to the studio. Site of The Beatles' legendary rooftop concert At Blenheim Palace My other car is a PT Cruiser. I used to live in the flat in front of the red van. A few years later, my band would perform in my old backyard! Kensington Gardens, 2001 The memorial at Harrods Knightsbridge The memorial at Harrods Knightsbridge Althorp At Althorp Some say Diana rests across the moat... ... others say she is at the chapel outside Althorp. The village Near the scene of the accident, Paris The reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe, London Inside The Globe Purple Haze: Mattimus with a guitar Jimi Hendrix used to play.<br>Photo by Hard Rocking Tour Guide at the Hard Rock One Year Later: Mattimus with an original Les Paul.<br>Photo by Hard Rocking Tour Guide at the Hard Rock There's only one way out.



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