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Southern California: Spring 2016

Clayton Kershaw Padres v. Dodgers: Opening Day Vin Scully at Padres v. Dodgers: Opening Day Unconditional Surrender Unconditional Surrender Bob Hope Bob Hope Hotel's rental bike California Adventure Park California Adventure Park Disneyland Disneyland El Capitan theatre El Capitan theatre Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Silence of the Lambs set: Hollywood Museum Hearst Castle Hearst Castle

Mattskrit Notes

Spring Break 2016. A trip all over southern California.

The itinerary was pretty well packed:

  • Jimmy Kimmel: Live! on March 30, with guests Sen. Ted Cruz and Mike Epps; musical performance by Twenty88 was recorded for the following night's show. And... ahhh... yes... I was interviewed by a local network affiliate while waiting for entrance into the theatre; I talked about how these types of shows helped people see a more human — and humorous — side of candidates. People like Jimmy Kimmel can get them away from the usual political talking points. I was right. He had Sen. Cruz talking about Star Wars and the last time he cried at the movies (it was at The Force Awakens).
  • The Big Bang Theory — in the studio audience for the episode entitled The Fermentation Bifurcation, co-starring Alessandra Torresani
  • My first trip to Disneyland since I was a kid
  • Opening Day in San Diego on April 4, Padres v. Dodgers, with the Dodgers putting the smack down in a 15-0 shutout
  • Quick road trip up to San Simeon to visit Hearst Castle
  • In the studio audience for the pilot episode of what would become known as The Man with a Plan, starring Matt LeBlanc and, at the time, Jenna Fischer as his wife. It was supremely awesome to see TV legend James Burrows in person, directing the episode.
  • Ducked into the El Capitan theatre during a rare rain "incident" and saw Zootopia, which included live stage presentaiton of some of the movie's real-life animals, including a sloth, and live organ music
  • Checked out Batman v. Superman at the Chinese Theatre in IMAX with Laser. Awesome presentation quality, but the movie still sucked.

Technical note: All photos taken with a Sony A6300.



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