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Release dates for U2's latest album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb:
Ireland: 19 November 2004
Europe: 22 November 2004
United States: 23 November 2004

Mattimus picked up a copy on 21 November 2004 (yes!) after arriving in Rotterdam,
en route to a Feyenoord soccer game.

The next two weeks were spent riding the trains of Europa -
six cities in four countries - all the while bonding with U2's stellar new album.

Mattimus was in dire need of a vacation and he got exactly what he needed:
How to Dismantle a Mattomic Bomb.

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"Don't trade your dreams for some small change."
- Are You Gonna Wait Forever?
(B-Side on the Vertigo DVD single)
Lyrics: Bono



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