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An overview of the territory covered<br>Map courtesy of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority I couldn't escape the guy if I wanted to!<br>At the Channel 4 Irish Pub and Restaurant, 58 W. 48th Street The new Nintendo World in Rockefeller Center.<br>While there, I downloaded a demo of Tetris on my DS... ... one must keep up with technology, after all.<br>Besides, DS makes for good in-flight entertainment. A GameBoy scarred in the first Gulf War.<br>It still works. The evolution of GameBoy. Sweeney Todd's back in a really cool revival<br> with Michael Cerveris as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Excellent cast.<br>The second half sucked me in like a meat grinder. <i>The Long Walk to Liberty</i><br>Sunday afternoon was spent walking from Grand Central on 42nd Street<br>all the way down to Battery Park. Pitstops were taken for Guinness and tea.<br>Map courtesy of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Grand Central Terminal Grand Central Terminal Grand Central Terminal<br>Birthday balloons for Aries?! The Chrysler Building Opus Dei<br>nam fo noc eht krad os Historic building in the midst of midtown. Excuse me, would you mind if I took a picture of your taps?<br>Paddy Reilly's, 29th and 2nd Avenue Vichy France?<br>Nope. SoHo. teany is Moby's tiny, but excellent, tea shop. The view from within Across the street from teany Chinatown Don't do it!<br>You'll disrupt the movie. Ground Zero.<br>This still burns me up. Never forget. The sphere from the old WTC commons with the Eternal Flame. The Statue of Liberty Gromit waving to Lady Liberty Korean War Memorial Section detail of the previous photo. Charlotte Martin, <i>Uberhottie</i> Charlotte's a great artist starting to make lots of noise in the music business. She's also a U2 fan... ... and she has a great sense of humor. She even joked about Bono's frog incident on the <i>Vertigo 2005: U2 Live from Chicago</i> DVD.<br>It's something she hopes doesn't happen to her. At the Knitting Factory, she did a special medley... ... U2's <i>All I Want Is You</i> and Johnny Cash's <i>Ring of Fire</i>... It was awesome. She's married.<br>Bummer. One more photo just because... Ah. The <i>Times</i>. Ah. The <i>Times</i>. Home of <i>The Daily Planet</i> Another visit to NYC, another new Yankees cap The two Lennons The new Hard Rock in Times Square.<br>The space has expanded dramatically, the service declined, and the prices skyrocketed. The sun, formerly on display at Studio 54 during its heyday,<br>now at the Hard Rock. The home of <i>The Daily Planet</i><br>also houses the Hard Rock and Bubba Gump's At Flushing Meadows The Globe at Flushing Meadows Gromit hamming it up with the Globe.<br>Yes. This amused me. It amused me so much, here's another pic. The Globe at Flushing Meadows At Flushing Meadows Some kind of Chia Pet in Flushing Meadows The 7 line The 7 line The 7 line 3 April 2006 Since the Yanks started the season out of town,<br>I took in the Mets Home Opener instead. There's nothing like seeing a baseball game in New York.<br>It's Old School, with fans who actually watch the game and speak their mind. Another record breaker for Mattopia Jones Mets win! Mets win! 3-2 The view from Shea OK! I'll add to the hype!<br>nam fo noc eht krad os The outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art has had a beautiful facelift. The outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art has had a beautiful facelift. Victor Hugo by Rodin <i>First Steps</i> by Van Gogh Van Gogh by Van Gogh <i>The Little Dancer</i> by Edgar Degas The next Frans Hals? Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art Central Park Central Park Will do. The Dakota Those ladders are waaay up there. Gorillaz! At the Apollo! On my birthday! They even took over the storefront across the street. I have no idea who these guys are. They wanted their picture taken and I obliged.<br>The dude 2nd from the right said he's on a first-name basis with Trey Anastasio.<br>Um. I'm not a Phishhead. A snowy exit



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