ZOO Station: U2 Centraal

Slane Twice?
Matthew Anderson, ZooNation News
February 11, 2001

With an August 25 Slane Castle gig virtually guaranteed for U2's Elevation tour, the band is going one step further with hopes for two shows at the historic site.

"It just doesn't feel right doing one gig in Ireland," Bono told the Irish media. "We're thinking of playing two Slanes. I don't know if that's ever been allowed and I don't know who would have to give us permission. Probably the people of Slane."

Larry Mullen, Jr., U2's drummer, confirmed an August 25 date at Slane, telling the London press this past week, "It's looking that way."

The band was in London for a special club gig, but they didn't hang around to party after their electric Astoria performance. They were up bright and early the next morning at King Cross working on the video for their next single, Walk On.

With Bono's wife, Ali, expecting their fourth child in June, Bono has said, "It's tricky to be away from home for too long." A second concert on the band's own turf, in Dublin, would help satiate their desire to perform and Bono's personal needs.

While on the topic of Bono's fatherhood, Kylie Minogue, Australia's pop star and TV soap actress, commented this past week on how she got to know Bono while she was involved with Michael Hutchence, the late lead singer for INXS. "Bono has become like a father to me," Minogue said, "and has been incredibly encouraging to me throughout my career."



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