Starz Denver Film Festival

Kerry Bishé
Denver FilmCenter
6 November 2010

It was a busy day at the Denver FilmCenter, the Denver Film Society's ritzy new home.

Following a lively Q&A session with Danny Boyle, the director of 127 Hours, Kerry Bishé stopped by for an impromptu one-on-one interview. The recipient of this year's Rising Star award at the Starz Denver Film Festival, Bishé was also attending the festival in support of her new movie, Nice Guy Johnny. We talk about that movie, the latest from writer/director/actor Edwards Burns (The Brothers McMullen), as well as her work in Kevin Smith's Red State, which looks to be quite a departure for Smith and possibly even more controversial than originally anticipated.

It was quite an entertaining chat and the bulk of the interview is presented here unedited.

Here are two little anecdotes that I wish I had caught on video:

  • When we first sat down and got situated, Kerry wanted me to let her know when I was ready so she could put on her movie star face. It was amazing. One moment I was looking down, pre-occupied with getting all the gear in place, the next moment I looked up and - boom - she had this presence I can't even describe properly. All I can say is it was mighty darn cool. I wish I could find the words to explain it eloquently, but I guess a journalist being at a loss for words says it all.
  • After I was done with my round of questions, she turned the table on me and asked me about the types of movies I like to see. Of course, I had to go on and on about my deep and abiding affection for the Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow movies and how I consider them to be "slice of life" movies. That morphed into my take on movies as a source of inspiration, traveling around following U2, and how rock and roll can change the world. She didn't run away. That was extra cool!


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