The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises is a vicious warning about the dangers of complacency and it’s also an exquisite reminder of how the smallest acts of kindness can lead to a lifetime of heroics."

Dark Knight: BD-Live Event

Christopher Nolan:
BD-Live Community Screening of The Dark Knight

"... wasn't the awesome event I was hoping for, but it wasn't a total flop."

Wally Pfister

Lighting the Knight: Wally Pfister
The Matthew Anderson Interview

"For a guy who filmed one of the biggest successes in Hollywood history, Wally Pfister is really easygoing. There's no air of pretension, no self-important attitude. At times he can be self-deprecating and, yeah, even a bit of a joker. Pretty fitting, considering the aforementioned blockbuster is The Dark Knight."

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

"... one rock-solid, intense action-drama that batapults onto this year's short list of the very best."

Gotham City Election Board

The Dark Knight's Web

A running list of Web sites in The Dark Knight's viral marketing campaign.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight: Prologue

"... a thrilling way to tease the next installment of Batman at the movies."

Batman Begins

Christian Bale: Oscar Nominee?

"... a level of dedication - and range - scarcely seen since young De Niro did his best work with Scorsese."


Batman Begins

Batman Begins
(Deluxe Edition DVD)

"... the cumulative effect is a well-done look at the making of the movie, incorporating bits of Bat history while more or less glossing over the Burton/Schumacher epoch."

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

"Batman Begins is a batastrophic success."



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